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84 Year Old Pastor & Wife Need Our Help

Howard and Lovell have never been afraid of hard work or low pay. In fact, they’ve served in the preaching ministry for more than 63 years – and at age 84, Howard is still willing to do his part to care for his wife by serving a small congregation’s need for a preacher and pastor.

The Mountcastles chose to work in fields of service that were far from lucrative. In fact, in their more than six decades of ministry and 18 congregations – they have never received medical insurance or a retirement plan – not once! But to this day, they have continued to serve and to work to provide for their own needs as best they could and without complaint.

Recently, Howard’s health has become a very real problem. Consider that in the last six months he’s had two critical surgeries and had cataracts removed – but is still facing another major surgery in the near future. The non-covered medical bills are piling up.

 The non-covered medical bills are piling up.

Add to this, Lovell’s cataract surgery and an expensive transmission overhaul on their car – and you can see why Howard is concerned. In fact, as I write I’ve learned that he’s soon to preach a “trial sermon” hoping to again be hired by a small church so he can pay for their many recent expenses.

I want to shout, “We can help this faithful couple!  We can affirm their service to the Lord’s work with emergency financial aid from the Kairos Benevolence Fund!” 

A phone call to explain the Mountcastle’s situation and the opportunity to lighten their financial burden at a crucial time – led to a $4,000 matching grant from a partner church. What that means is that if you and I can raise another $4,000 – we can send them the targeted aid of $8,000 ASAP.

Will you help? Your gift of $1 will become $2 for the Mountcastles. $100 will become $200. $1,000 will become $2,000.

We should – and we can – bless Howard and Lovell with modest, but meaningful financial aid at this time. Your gift today will help KBF do just that – thank you!

Your gift can be made online. Simply, click the GIVE TODAY button below and select the Howard Mountcastle Campaign.

If you prefer, you can mail a check payable to KBF at:

Kairos Benevolence Fund – Howard Mountcastle Campaign
PO Box 19700
Irvine, CA 92623-9700

For your kindness, compassion – and in anticipation of for your gift to help Howard and Lovell – thank you, friend!

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