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About The Kairos Benevolence Fund

Launched a decade ago in 2012, the Kairos Benevolence Fund is a non-profit ministry with a heart to seek out and serve ministers and missionaries in need. The organization’s core values of demonstrating honor, appreciation, and love towards those with a legacy of servanthood for the Kingdom is the foundation upon which they are established.

Founder and president, David Pace, was moved to begin this ministry as he followed in the footsteps of his father, Talmage Pace. As a preacher himself, Talmage began to recognize the overwhelming need for financial aid that those in ministry held. The very same compassion that stirred his heart to meet those needs was carried on by David as he began KBF years later.

KBF is currently living out its missional purpose by identifying the needs of faithful servants around the world, reacting to those needs by providing charitable grants, and partnering with churches and donors to fundraise money as a source of aid for any crisis situations that arise. Leading the charge to fulfill these goals is the KBF team consisting of five board directors and three executive staff members.