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KBF $61,000 Update: Hamilton Family

Steven Hamilton, a missionary to the Deaf, has cancer and may die unless he begins chemotherapy treatments right away.

As we pray for God’s intervention and healing, KBF wants to try and be part of those answered prayers. So KBF’s leadership has authorized payment for the first 90 days of treatments—and told Steven and his wife, Vonda (pictured above), that we will appeal to you and our other supporters to help us raise $10,000 for further treatments.

Vonda has been active in ministry with the Deaf since 1984. She has established Deaf ministries in local churches throughout Texas and Oklahoma, she has associated with Deaf Missions in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and she has led the Deaf Ministry at Ozark Christian College. In 2006, she and Steven married and together they have expanded their Deaf ministry, teaching at numerous conventions, writing books, and producing gospel videos for the Deaf. To learn more about their vital ministry, visit ExpressionsofEmmanuel.com.


Vonda (left), Steve (right)

Last month at ICOM 2018, our KBF team was able to spend time with Hamiltons and learn more details about their ministry. We also learned of the life-threatening medical condition that Steven is facing. A volunteer member of their ministry team wrote the following:

“I am writing this for the needs of Steven Hamilton and Expressions of Emmanuel. I have known Vonda for over 23 years. I have seen the challenges of health and finances that they go through on a daily basis, still serving Our LORD full time. It is very important that Steven receives the care he needs so he can continue to serve the Lord, which is his greatest desire. Expressions of Emmanuel is a very special ministry.Vonda has spent many hours researching available treatments and talking with doctors. She has learned that the medicine Steven needs, which has helped many people defeat cancer, is available from a reputable supplier here in the U.S. The cost for this type of new medicine is expensive—but then what price does one put on reaching the Deaf for Christ.

I know that Steven and Vonda would be grateful for any help KBF can provide with this medical need! Many Deaf souls can be saved by their ministry.”

Previously I wrote you about KBF’s need to raise $61,000 to meet the needs of five ministry families. This request for Steven and Vonda Hamilton is the fourth of those five. As of today, KBF has received 70% of that $61,000, with another $15,000 on its way. We’re almost there!

As we approach this Christmas season and the end of the year, I know many people make special love gifts. I’m asking you to prayerfully make a love gift to KBF today so Steven Hamilton can get the chemotherapy he needs.

Will you please give—and give generously? Your gift will help purchase the life-saving medicine Steven so desperately needs!

Here are four ways you can make a donation to the Kairos Benevolence Fund:

  1. Give Online: Click the “Give Today” button below. Then select the $61,000 Campaign in the drop-down menu and follow the rest of the step-by-step instructions.
  2. Mail a Check: (write $61,000 Campaign on the memo line)
    Your gift can be mailed directly to:
    Kairos Benevolence Fund
    PO Box 19700
    Irvine, CA 92623-9700
  3. Give a Non-Cash Gift: The Kairos Benevolence Fund can also accept gifts of stock, real estate, jewelry, and even cars. Please email David Duncan at the CDF Capital Foundation (dduncan@cdfcapital.org) to discuss your non-cash gift.
  4. Donate Your CDF Capital Interest: CDF Capital investors may call the Investor Relations team at (844) 764-5247 to designate Q4 interest to the Kairos Benevolence Fund.

Whichever method of giving you prefer, please designate your gift for the $61,000 Campaign, and $10,000 will be used for medicine for Steven Hamilton.

Thank you in advance for your prayer support and your financial generosity.



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