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Missionary Couple in Germany Needs Our Immediate Help

In the Old Testament, Job knew what it was like to experience difficult times. It was not just one moment in time—he faced loss after loss, one challenge on top of another.

In a similar way Larry and Teri Lewis, missionaries in Berlin, Germany, have experienced difficulty after difficulty. Yet most of us would never know all the trials they have faced because Larry and Teri have continued to serve in faith and hope through it all. Graduates of Christian colleges, ministers in U.S. churches, and now missionaries overseas, the Lewises have faithfully followed God’s calling.

But today they need our help.

Over the last three years the Lewises have faced family medical problems and other tragedies that have strained their finances to the breaking point:

  • July 2015—Larry was hospitalized with blood clots, an enlarged heart, and pulmonary embolisms. The German hospital where he was treated required $4,000 cash payment before they would discharge him. Larry and Teri didn’t have $4,000, so they had to borrow the money.
  • September 2015—Larry and Teri’s daughter, a student at Johnson University, needed medical care beyond what her student insurance covered. Once again the Lewises had to borrow money.
  • October 2015—Larry’s mother died unexpectedly of a stroke. The Lewises had to make emergency travel plans to fly back to the U.S. Those costs required them to max out their one and only credit card.
  • October 2015—while in the US for Larry’s mother’s funeral, Teri required an MRI to rule out bleeding on the brain. More borrowed money required.
  • Summer of 2016—Teri’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, necessitating another unscheduled trip back to the U.S. (She passed away in December 2016.)
  • October 2016—While they were in the U.S. caring for Teri’s mother, Larry had to make an unanticipated trip back to Berlin to minister to a wave of refugees and deal with flooding in the mission’s basement.
  • November 2017—Teri was hospitalized for leg surgery and then blood clots and pneumonia. German health insurance does NOT cover preexisting conditions, therefore the Lewises had to pay another $5,000 out of pocket.

As Larry and Teri Lewis continue to minister for Christ in Germany, they are in dire need of our financial assistance. I’m writing to ask for your helpright away. We need to raise $10,000 ASAP! 

As you know, the Kairos Benevolence Fund (KBF) exists to serve faithful Christian workers in such crucial times of need. Our 14-member Distribution Team has unanimously agreed to launch this effort to raise up to $10,000 to help Larry and Teri with doctor and hospital bills, emergency travel costs, and other expenses arising from the events listed above.

The need to raise $10,000 is real. The timing is critical.

Perhaps you are benefitting from the new Tax Law changes or a company bonus or an income tax refund and could give $5,000 or $1,000 or $500 or $100. Whatever you can do—please give GENEROUSLY today?

Here are three ways you can help Larry and Teri:

  1.  Give Online: Go to www.Donate2KBF.com and select the Larry and Teri Lewis Campaign. Follow the easy, step-by-step instructions to “Donate Now.”
  2.  Mail a Check: Your gift can be mailed directly to:

Kairos Benevolence Fund – Larry and Teri Lewis Campaign

PO Box 19700

Irvine, CA 92623-9700

3. Give a Non-Cash GiftThe Kairos Benevolence Fund can also accept gifts of stock, real estate, jewelry, and even cars. Please call David Duncan at 417-437-4774 to discuss your non-cash gift.

Whichever method of you prefer, please designate your gift for the Larry and Teri Lewis Campaign.

Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration. Your “yes” will mean immediate help for Larry and Teri.

May God bless you for caring enough to share!

Disclaimer: Contributions to the Kairos Benevolence Fund are administered and disbursed under the supervision of the Board of Directors and the control of the KBF Distribution Team. Gifts to the organization that indicate a preference for a particular project or individual need are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  In the event that a project or need is overfunded, gifts will be used to meet another project or need of the Benevolence Fund.

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