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Bill Park

I want to introduce you to a lifetime Kingdom servant. His name is William (Bill) Park. He’s 85 years old and a graduate of the former Midwest Christian College. Since 1964, Bill and his wife, Vinita, have faithfully served churches in Kansas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and North Carolina.

You may not know Bill because he never sought to make headlines. Instead, he just loved the people God called him to serve – young and old. Throughout his 60 years of preaching, Bill printed his sermons in booklets, then he and his daughter, Sherri, would deliver them to shut-ins and people living in nursing homes.

Today Sherri says, “I would go to the nursing home with him and sing and play the piano and he would give a devotion. He would still do this today if he could, but Parkinson’s has affected his speech. His honoring of the elderly impacted my life in such a positive way that at one point I became the activities director for a Christian assisted living facility.”

Bill and Vinita attended the North American Christian Convention throughout their entire ministry. They became intrigued by the Bible Bowl program for young people. So, in the 1970’s they formed a team at their church and were regulars in competition at the NACC. Bill was also a chalk-artist and loved to use that talent for sharing the gospel at church camps and revival meetings.  

Upon retiring from full-time ministry, Bill became a hospice chaplain. His desire was to continue sharing the love of Jesus with individuals and families during those difficult days.


And then came the word from the doctor … Bill had Parkinson’s disease … and the long, slow decline began.

As if Bill’s declining health wasn’t enough, Vinita was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But, for the last six years, and even while battling her own disease, through nutrition, healthy living, special treatments, and the grace of God, she has been able to care for Bill … until now.

Last month Bill started falling regularly and injuring himself. After several trips to the Emergency Room, it became clear that Bill needed more help than his family could provide. So, arrangements have been made for Bill’s care in a professionally managed assisted living facility.

Like far too many preachers of Bill’s generation, Bill never received adequate financial compensation, never was provided a pension or retirement program, and never was able to accumulate savings or investments. So, Bill’s family has applied to Medicaid for help with the costs of assisted living, but it may be months before any assistance is received – and Bill needs $30,000 now!

As soon as I heard about Bill’s situation I began working with his family, friends, and area churches. They immediately responded to help Bill and committed to providing a “Matching Gift” of $15,000 if the Kairos Benevolence Fund could raise another $15,000 from other friends like you.  

So, today I am asking for your help. I know $15,000 is a BIG goal, but I know we serve a BIG God who can do even more than we ask. And no one deserves our help more than Bill!

  • If you can give $5,000 – your gift will be doubled and $10,000 will be available to help pay for Bill’s assisted living care;
  • If you can give $1,000 – your gift will be doubled and $2,000 will be available to help pay for Bill’s assisted living care;
  • If you can give $500 – your gift will be doubled and $1,000 will be available to help pay for Bill’s assisted living care;
  • If you can give $100 – your gift will be doubled and $200 will be available to help pay for Bill’s assisted living care;

Will you please help! Bill Park loved the Lord and faithfully ministered for Christ to young and old.

Here are three ways you can make a donation to KBF:

1. Give Online: Click the “Give Today” button below. Then select the Bill Park Project in the drop-down menu and follow the rest of the step-by-step instructions.

2. Mail a Check: (Write Bill Park Project on the memo line) 
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3. Give a Gift From your Qualified IRA (or other Retirement Plan) – or Stock, Real-Estate, or other non-cash Assets. Please contact me by email or phone and I will connect you with one of our KBF Board Members to discuss your non-cash gift.

Whichever method of giving works best for you, please designate your gift for the Bill Park Project.