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COVID-19—Urgent Appeal for Missionary Couple on Front Lines

Brian and Tiffany Walls serve the homeless and indigent citizens of downtown Indianapolis through Tear Down the Walls Ministries, a mission they started some 15 years ago. With the cultural changes surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic and social activism affecting downtown Indianapolis throughout June—well, that has taken hard ministry work to a whole new level!

While the local authorities warned residents to be on high alert for their safety, the situation became very personal for Brian and Tiffany when they called 911 for emergency assistance for a neighbor.

“We are scared! It is uncertain times, but God has called us here and He is in control. We have sent our daughter to live with friends, but we will stay because HIS work is not done!”—Brian and Tiffany Walls

Will you join Joy and me to help encourage Brian and Tiffany with a generous double-duty gift toward their medical bills today?

Adding to their ministry challenges are personal health and financial crises. Three years ago, Brian and Tiffany were involved in a life-threatening motor vehicle accident. Both sustained such serious injuries that the ER/Trauma center classified them as “donors” not “patients.” Despite multiple broken bones, punctured lungs, fractured ribs, and more, both survived—but with very large medical bills.

Then just five months ago, while working in one of their mission sites, Tiffany fell down a flight of stairs, breaking her ankle and shredding the tendons and ligaments. Surgery was required to insert a metal plate and screws. And, of course, more medical bills.

Out of their minimal mission support, the Walls have been faithfully making monthly payments. Still nearly $15,000 is owed today to doctors and the hospital. Now because of COVID-19, a sizable portion of their mission support has come to a halt. Tiffany wrote, “Our funding is almost depleted. We cannot house the men in our job training facility without donations to pay for insurance, taxes, and utilities. Brian and I are the only ones left still doing outreach, and I’m limited because of my broken ankle.”

This missionary couple needs our help—and they need it quickly!

As soon as I heard of this critical situation, I reached out to the leaders of Lifebridge Christian Church in Longmont, Colorado ask for their help. Matt Hessler, Senior Pastor, and Neil Troyer, Executive Pastor, both previously served a church in Indianapolis, so they know the critical need for the work being done by Brian and Tiffany. Immediately, Lifebridge offered a challenge gift of $5,000.

I also reached out to Matt Giebler, Senior Minister at Greenwood Christian Church in Indianapolis. Even though Greenwood Christian already provides regular support to Brian and Tiffany, I asked them to go the extra mile and provide an addition challenge gift. They immediately responded with $3,500.

So today I have two churches making a total of $8,500 available to match dollar-for-dollar any gift you send to KBF—up to $17,000—to help meet the medical bills facing Brian and Tiffany Walls.

Here’s how you can generously help Brian and Tiffany—and DOUBLE your gift:

  • If you send $5,000 … $10,000 will become immediately available.
  • If you send $2,500 … $5,000 will become immediately available.
  • If you send $1,000 … $2,000 will become immediately available.
  • If you send $500 … $1,000 will become immediately available.

Thanks to Lifebridge Christian Church and Greenwood Christian Church, you can do double-duty giving and be a double blessing to Brian and Tiffany Walls as they stand firm for Christ in downtown Indianapolis.

Will you join Joy and me to help encourage Brian and Tiffany with a generous double-duty gift toward their medical bills today?

Here are three ways you can give to the Kairos Benevolence Fund, and in so doing help the Walls:

  1. Give Online: Click the “Give Today” button below; select the Brian & Tiffany Walls Campaign in the drop-down menu, then follow the rest of the step-by-step instructions.
  2. Mail a Check: (Write Brian & Tiffany Walls Campaign on the memo line)
    Your gift can be mailed directly to:
    Kairos Benevolence Fund
    PO Box 19700
    Irvine, CA 92623-9700
  3. Give a Gift of Stock, Real-Estate, or other non-cash Assets: Please contact David Duncan at the CDF Capital Foundation (dduncan@cdfcapital.org) to discuss your non-cash gift.

Whichever method of giving works best for you, please designate your gift for the Brian & Tiffany Walls Campaign. This will insure that up to $17,000 will be used to pay medical bills, and be a blessing to the Walls family.

Thank you, in advance, for your prayer support and your financial generosity.

Yours in the Master’s Service,

David Pace, Founding Director
Kairos Benevolence Fund
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