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The Kairos Benevolence Fund

Is devoted to:

Identifying Kingdom Servants

Those who have served faithfully and well but now are facing significant financial or health crises.

Providing Benevolent Grants

to meet those unique needs in ways that bless these ministry colleagues and honor God.

Partnering with Churches & Compassionate Donors

to raise the funds necessary to meet these needs.

"The Benevolence Fund is well-conceived, well-structured, and well-managed. It is a gift from God to wonderful, deserving people."
-Dick Alexander

Stories of Benevolence

Grant Recipient

James Snapp

James Snapp is a faithful Kingdom servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is married to Maira and is the father of two

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Grant Recipient

Bill Park

I want to introduce you to a lifetime Kingdom servant. His name is William (Bill) Park. He’s 85 years old and a graduate of the

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Grant Recipient

Dr. Timothy Thomas

Timothy Thomas, a life-long missionary to Portugal and Brazil isn’t blind (yet) but he will lose the sight in his left eye soon, unless he

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