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KBF $61,000 Update: Sanford Family

Recently I wrote to you about the Kairos Benevolence Fund’s need to raise $61,000. I am so pleased to report that because of your generosity, we are nearly 40% of the way to that goal!

If you have been considering a gift for one of these five ministry families, we still need your help. Specifically, $10,000 of this need is for a young missionary family in Taiwan who has faced unbelievable hardship over the past year.


Pictured Above (from left to right): Chris, Malachi Peace, Rebekah Hope, Hosanna Grace, Josiah Noble, and Samantha Sanford—actively on the mission field in Taiwan.

In March of last year, Chris and Samantha Sanford gave birth to a baby boy; that little boy only lived for ten days. As you can imagine, the pain and emotional trauma they experienced ran deep.

At the same time, Chris and Samantha struggled to deal with the Internal Revenue Service over Chris’s missionary status and the proper Tax ID status for Samantha, a Taiwanese national. Both issues are settled now, but the end result is that the Sanfords owe the IRS $8,104.31, plus ongoing late fees and interest—for a total of $10,000.

Chris and Samantha have been faithfully paying the IRS over $600 per month out of their small missionary income, but with penalties and interest they keep falling further and further behind.

A friend of KBF called me recently and asked if anyone needed help. I told him about Chris and Samantha. Right away he and his wife offered to send a check for $5,000 and asked that it be used to match other donations from Christians across the country. Another friend of KBF heard about the death of the Sanfords’ baby and sent $1,500. So if you and I can raise just $3,500, we can immediately make a total of $10,000 available to pay off the IRS and help Chris and Samantha focus on the work of winning souls for Christ in Taiwan.

What an opportunity! If we can just raise $3,500—we can give a $10,000 blessing to a family on the mission field.

Please help! Your gift WILL make a difference.

Here are three ways you can make a donation to the Kairos Benevolence Fund:

  1. Give Online: Click the “Give Today” button below. Then select the $61,000 Campaign in the drop-down menu and follow the rest of the step-by-step instructions.
  2. Mail a Check: (write $61,000 Campaign on the memo line)
    Your gift can be mailed directly to:
    Kairos Benevolence Fund
    PO Box 19700
    Irvine, CA 92623-9700
  3. Give a Non-Cash Gift: The Kairos Benevolence Fund can also accept gifts of stock, real estate, jewelry, and even cars. Please email David Duncan at the CDF Capital Foundation (dduncan@cdfcapital.org) to discuss your non-cash gift.

Whichever method of giving you prefer, please designate your gift for the $61,000 Campaign—$10,000 will be used for the benefit of Chris and Samantha.

Thank you in advance for your prayer support and your financial generosity.



Contributions to the Kairos Benevolence Fund (KBF) are administered and disbursed under the supervision of the Board of Directors and the control of the Kairos Benevolence Fund Distribution Team. Gifts to the organization that indicate a preference for a particular project or individual need are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In the event that a specific project or need is overfunded, gifts will be used to meet another project or need of the Benevolence Fund.