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KBF—Still Providing Compassion and Care!

While most everything we read or hear these days is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the tens of thousands of people affected, I am writing to let you know that we have not forgotten you.

How are you doing? I trust you are healthy, following the recommended safety guidelines, and maintaining your focus on “seeking first the kingdom of God”—even if that requires a bit more creativity than a few weeks ago. Feel free to check in with me by phone or email if KBF can be of any assistance to you.

You should also know that KBF’s mission remains vital. We are still identifying faithful ministers, missionaries, and their families who are facing a financial or health crisis that they simply do not have the resources to meet.

Thank you for helping these Brothers and Sisters through your financial support. You are blessing those who have been a blessing to others throughout their lives as they have served Christ’s Kingdom. Your support is vital to provide compassion and care for Kingdom workers by:

  • Paying medical and dental bills
  • Covering ambulance and trauma care expenses
  • Helping supplement the cost of assisted living care
  • Providing a place to live while in chemotherapy treatment
  • And more

Especially now, if you know someone facing an emergency need, Click Here to fill out a referral form so KBF can help.

You can also Click Here to make an online donation (or mail a check) in support of KBF’s vital ministry.

Please visit KBF’s web page to read letters of appreciation from those you have helped, learn about current opportunities, and read endorsements from Christian church leaders across the country.

Yours in the Master’s service,

David Pace, Founding Director

Kairos Benevolence Fund