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Love for Lowell Mason

Lowell Mason was born with familial achondroplasia, otherwise known as congenital dwarfism. He stands only 46 inches tall, but throughout his lifelong singing career he was famously known as the “The Mighty Midget,” “Little Lowell,” and “World’s Smallest Gospel Singer.” But his deep, powerful, resonating voice had no comparison to his physical size.

By the time Lowell was seven years old, people already knew he had a special gift. (see video of Lowell signing ‘I’d Rather Have Jesus’ at age 7) He started his singing career in his father’s Michigan church. Then, at age nine, he began singing for the “Children’s Bible Hour” radio broadcast, and as a teenager he sang for Youth for Christ in the US and for Victorious Christian Youth in Canada.

After completing high school, Lowell joined Cecil Todd’s Evangelistic Team in Joplin, Missouri, and became the song leader, music director, and lead soloist on the weekly production of the “Revival Fires” television ministry. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Lowell’s singing was featured on thousands of Gospel TV programs broadcast on more than 150 stations across the country.

In addition, as a full-time Gospel Music Evangelist, Lowell traveled more than 100,000 miles each year taking the Gospel in song and sermon to men, women, and children across America and around the world. Only Heaven knows how many people were led to the Lord as the Holy Spirit worked through Lowell and his ministry.

Despite his small size, Lowell has a HUGE heart for the needs of others. As Founder of “Operation We Care” Lowell led a team of rapid responders providing food and clothing in times of national disaster. And, as Founder and Director of “American International Ministries,” Lowell personally led an effort to provide more than 2 million Bibles to the people of Russia.

Lowell has lived a life devoted to caring for others … now he is the one in need of all the help you and I can give.

Age, and the rigors of those decades of exhausting travel, have taken their toll on Lowell’s health. In 2017, he began losing all feeling in his hands and legs, so major surgery on his spine was required. (Lowell is now confined to a wheelchair and a mobility scooter.) Not long thereafter, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. And now, he is struggling with the effects of a progressive form of dementia.

These years of doctors care, hospital stays, rehabilitation programs and all the related medical expenses have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Medical insurance has covered some, but the various deductibles, co-payments, and other non-insured expenses have created a mountain of bills that have wiped out what little savings Lowell and his wife Judy were able to accumulate during their years in the ministry.

This just shouldn’t happen to one of God’s faithful Kingdom workers! Therefore KBF is launching a “Love for Lowell” campaign to raise $20,000 to help offset some of Lowell’s medical expenses.

In order to raise $20,000, we need:

Two or three large gifts of $5,000 or more; 

Four or five gifts of $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 or more;

And as many gifts as possible of $50, $100, $200, and $500.

Your GENEROUS help is needed … today!