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Matt & Emily Miller

Matt and Emily Miller are a young ministry couple. Matt is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University and leads worship at First Christian Church of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Emily is a wife, a school counselor, and a devoted youth leader in her church.

On January 21st of this year, Emily was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia (a form of Muscular Dystrophy). Her condition is degenerative. Her legs will not support her full body weight, so she uses a walker for short distances and a scooter all other times. (just today I received a call from Matt informing me that one of Emily’s legs seized up over the weekend so the doctors don’t know if walking will ever be possible for her again). Her life expectancy is just 10 years, or less. 

On the same day, January 21st of this year, an electrical short occurred in a home appliance causing the house to catch on fire. The fire department was able to save the structure, but the interior of the house and all personal possessions were destroyed.

In spite of Emily’s tragic medical condition, she loves her work with young people and wants to continue with her school counseling and church youth work as long as possible. In order for her to have mobility, she and Matt have purchased a handicapped wheelchair accessible van with hand controls. Their church and area friends raised money for a downpayment, but even with that help they are facing large van payments each month.

In addition, since Emily is now confined to her wheelchair, they need to install a wheelchair stair lift so she can access both levels of their house.

A few days ago I shared Matt and Emily’s story with a retired minister who has a passion for helping young ministry couples. I told him that if KBF could raise $14,000 we could purchase and install the wheelchair stair lift for Emily, and make up to a year’s monthly payments on their handicapped accessible van. 

That retired minister immediately offered to donate $7,000, if you, and other Christians across the country, would match his gift and give another $7,000.

Can you imagine what a blessing and encouragement that would be to Matt and Emily?

So today, I’m asking for your help. If God has blessed you, will you help KBF purchase a wheelchair stair lift for Emily … and make payments on their wheelchair accessible van? 

  • If you can give $3,500 – your gift will be doubled and $7,000 will be available to help Matt and Emily;
  • If you can give $1,000 – your gift will be doubled and $2,000 will be available to help Matt and Emily;
  • If you can give $100 – your gift will be doubled and $200 will be available to help Matt and Emily.

Whatever you can give will be a great blessing to this young couple.