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Our Greatest Need To Date

Will you help us raise $60,697.40 to meet the largest set of requests we have ever received?

In just the last three weeks, the Kairos Benevolence Fund (KBF) has received FIVE emergency appeals for assistance—three from overseas missionaries and two from ministers here in the U.S. These requests are currently under review, pending approval by the KBF Distribution Team, but if approved we will need to raise $60,697.40 as quickly as possible!

I’m not able to share the details of each situation, but here is a brief summary to show you the kind of needs these Kingdom workers are facing. As the grants are approved, we will send out additional information about each grantee and their need as soon as we are able.

  • $6,206.09 is needed to assist a missionary couple with taxes, insurance, and living expenses as both of them are battling cancer and are undergoing treatment.
  • $15,000 is needed so that a minister can pay for medical care for his young daughter and remain in ministry.
  • $8,000 is needed for a missionary couple—after losing their 10-day-old baby last year, they fell behind and now struggle with taxes, interest, and penalties.
  • $6,080 is needed to help an 82-year-old minister’s wife with dental and periodontal work.
  • $25,411.31 is needed to help a missionary who faces a life-threatening illness requiring hospitalization and surgeries.

KBF has never received this many requests for assistance all at one time, and we have never needed to raise this much money at one time. But I know God wants us to do our best to help these Kingdom workers. These requests burdens our hearts, as they represent brothers and sisters in Christ who have dedicated their lives to spreading His gospel and are now reaching out for help.

To meet this need, we are launching a $61,000 campaign, and I’m asking for your help. We are working hard to get all of these needs approved, but we cannot wait for approval to start raising funds. All donations to the $61,000 campaign up to the approved need will go directly to help the grantees. Any additional funds raised will go to help future needs.

In order to raise $61,000 we will need several $10,000 donations. If you have been blessed financially and could make this size gift—will you do so? We will also need gifts of $5,000 and $2,000 and $1,000 and $500 and $100. Please give as generously as you can.

Here are three ways you can make a donation to the Kairos Benevolence Fund:

  1. Give Online: Click the “Give Today” button below. Then select the $61,000 Campaign in the drop-down menu and follow the rest of the step-by-step instructions.
  2. Mail a Check: (write $61,000 Campaign on the memo line)
    Your gift can be mailed directly to:
    Kairos Benevolence Fund
    PO Box 19700
    Irvine, CA 92623-9700
  3. Give a Non-Cash Gift: The Kairos Benevolence Fund can also accept gifts of stock, real estate, jewelry, and even cars. Please email David Duncan at the CDF Capital Foundation (dduncan@cdfcapital.org) to discuss your non-cash gift.

Whichever method of giving you prefer, please designate your gift for the $61,000 Campaign.

Thank you for your prayer support and your financial generosity. Thank you for bearing one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2).



Contributions to the Kairos Benevolence Fund (KBF) are administered and disbursed under the supervision of the Board of Directors and the control of the Kairos Benevolence Fund Distribution Team. Gifts to the organization that indicate a preference for a particular project or individual need are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In the event that a specific project or need is overfunded, gifts will be used to meet another project or need of the Benevolence Fund.